Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not So Wordless Wordless Wednesday

I was so completely stressed out because it is Wordless Wednesday and, well, I seem to have a lot I want to say! There's all sorts of sTuFf, like tHis and ThAt, but because it was a wonderful weekend, and I have all these random thoughts running through what's left of my brain cells, I thought I would just spew here. And so, I decided it doesn't have to be wordless Wednesday if I don't want it to be. Hope you don't mind. Actually, it could be fun.

First, of course, it was Easter, so we needed to prepare. Poor sweet thing, she was the only one interested. (Even if the "big boys" had agreed to help dye eggs, do you think they'd let me show you pictures here?) 

So we boiled 18 eggs, 6 for each of them to decorate. She did all 18. Her creativity was impressive, and her images, telling... I think, even at 10, she's still a believer. 

Then, Saturday, I became a mom of two teenagers... as if being mom to one wasn't hurting my self-esteem enough.

He's really oh-so handsome, and his hair is beautiful but maybe a little too long and easy to hide behind, and someone that handsome shouldn't hide behind his hair. Even if he is 13.

He chose Texas Roadhouse for his birthday dinner, one of my personal favorites for some attachment reasons (really, we'll save that for another post), and I was so excited because we could have some of this...

... and I could have some of this...
and we all could have some peanuts.

But, being a Saturday night, even at 5:30, there was a long line.
So we walked to WalMart. (I've told you how much I love -gag- WalMart?)

She played with this...

... and this.

He played with this.

And he tried that, too.

And because I saw this post, entitled "Girl Power" (and just who wouldn't read a post with that title?), and because I actually told him that I was contemplating competing in a triathlon (we'll save that for another post, too), he bought me a bike helmet. Ya know, to protect my pretty little head. I guess that commits me to the triathlon, right? (Did I ever tell you about the time I said to him that I might like to go to medical school and he went out and bought me all this first year equipment, like a stethescope, and that ear-flashlight thingy? He's supportive like that.)

And then our flashing pager thing went off, so we made our way back to the restaurant, 

where we loved on each other a  little.

Because we're like that.

And while I sipped on mine (see above), they sipped on theirs.

And my newly 13 year old let his dad take our picture. This was the best he could do, but I am patient with him, and you get the idea, right?

The newly 13 year old also tolerated being sung to by all the servers in the restaurant, I think just so he could get this...

Even though he knew he had this waiting at home, because we always have the expected surprise ice cream birthday cake on birthdays in our family.

Happy Birthday, Austin.


  1. "I became a mom of two teenagers... as if being mom to one wasn't hurting my self-esteem enough."

    I'm SO glad you didn't conform to Wordless Wednesday!!!

    Happy Day :)

  2. Looks like you all had a good time. I'm glad you got a picture with the birthday boy, you'll cherish it now and later I'm sure.

  3. Happy happy belated birthday Austin! You Christopher kids are charmingly good-looking!

  4. Happy birthday to your not-so-baby boy!

    Thanks for linking to me...you GO GIRL and do that triathlon!!!

    May I add your blog to my links??

    You're so sweet to comment so positively...I'll visit more often, I promise!