Thursday, April 2, 2009


Girlfriends. I'm here to tell ya... This one is "tooooo funny" and oh-so embarrassing.

See, there are these jeans... my favorite jeans. And lately? I've noticed that they are, ummm, how shall I say? Not as loose as they used to be. But you know how they stretch when you wear them? Well, they didn't stretch so much this week when I wore them. So I decided I'd wear them again. The next day. So, I slipped them on (more like tugged and swore and pulled them on). And then I proceded to run all these many errands around town. You know, this small town. Where everyone knows my name? Oh, wait. That's a song. Anywho- I made it to the dry cleaners, the post office, the coffee shop, my husband's office, and then to the county government center to pay some taxes. I sat down in a chair next to this lovely man's desk. After a little bit, I shifted my weight and crossed my left leg over my right, and slipped my hand under my top thigh. And there it was... This huge lump. Right there, on the back of my thigh. And I thought to myself, "My goodness, what kind of monster bruise do I have this time?" And as the poor little tax man chatted away, I felt the creep of my blush rise up my neck, around the curves of my jaw,  and right up to my cheek bones where it loooooves to shine. Yup. Yesterday's underwear. Nice.


  1. I am laughing too hard to comment!!!!

  2. That is screamingly funny! I want to know what you did once you realized what the lump was....

  3. Ok, Elizabeth... I sucked in my faith that they wouldn't fall out as I walked out of the office with the biggest grin on my face (bc it was just too funny), slipped into my car, reached up the boot-cut leg, ... but it was tricky in the drivers' seat, especially getting up past the bend in my leg... and I was lol to myself b/c there was a guy in the pick-up behind me, and he was smiling quizically at me b/c I was smiling so big.... I'm sure he was wondering what the heck I had to be smiling at like that walking out of the tax office and then wrestling with myself in the front seat?!

  4. That is hilarious! At least they weren't hanging out, though. So funny.

  5. PRICELESS!!! i love hearing that i'm not the only one you has moments like this on sophisticated & classy & put together as we try to be, there are those moments that it just slaps ya silly in the face:)

  6. the best story ever!

    i could SEE you there with panties in hand!
    sooooo funny!