Saturday, April 11, 2009

On Baseball and Life

J-man pitching, his current coach watching.

We believe kids learn life lessons in sports. These are some of the things my husband would say to the boys when coaching. Each, if you think about it, can be applied to life.

1. Winning isn't everything, but it's something. And someone has to win. Why not let it be you?
2. Work hard, play hard.
3. We're all part of the team. When we win, we all win. When we loose, we all loose.
4. Believe in yourself.
5. Trust your team; if 1 goes down, 8 pick him up.
6. Bring it!
7. Preparation is everything.
8. When the door of opportunity opens, be ready.
9. On the first strike: well, that just wasn't your ball. On the second strike: dig deep-focus. On the subsequent hit: good players make it happen.
10. Don't just finish, finish strong.
11. Don't just look near the ball; look AT the ball.
12. We'd rather loose on the field, than win by forfeit.

(and my husband's personal favorite, for the coaches:)
13. Always pick the players with the hottest moms.

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