Monday, April 20, 2009

On Tri-ing To Be More

I'm not really sure what it is. My husband is lovingly calling it MLC (affectionately, mid-life crisis). It's been a rough year, as the school calendar runs. I'm not really comfortable in my own skin anymore. I'm wanting more in everything.

My body is showing signs of age, but my heart is still blossoming, still growing, still beating like a young school-girl's. And so, it only makes sense, that when I saw this post, I felt a little jolt - my heart skipped a little beat. I wasn't sure what it was, so I went back repeatedly, just looking at the picture and the title: Girl Power. Girl Power!

Remember the joys you felt as a child? A thought crossed your mind, you felt an impulse - and you just did it. You didn't contemplate it; you didn't weigh it out and wonder how it would fit in your life. You didn't "wait and see". You didn't consult anybody. You certainly didn't do it because there was laundry to do, or dinner to make, or a house to clean. You didn't even consider IF you could do it ... you just did it...
... and so I did.
And even though it was humbling to advertise my age on my calves, it was empowering, too. Yeah, I'm old. I'm even older than my calves say because the young chickies asked how old I was by last December. And I've had a birthday since then. Still, I was out there, with my 'tri-ing moms' friends, in the rain, and for the first time, attemping a sprint triathlon. I didn't train. I didn't hesitate because I was afraid. I didn't weigh how I would fit it all in. I didn't consider that I might not finish. I just did it. And I'm glad for it. I'm glad for how strong it made me feel.

So, when the 11 year old girl skipped past me, I cheered her on, "You Go, Girl!" 
And then when I skipped past the 34 year old buff guy, I silently cheered me on, "You Go, Girl! ...
...Blossom everywhere - in everything!"


  1. You are amazing-- I love your blog

  2. How awesome Patty! I love your tri-ing spirit. Can't wait to hear more. Hope to see you at bookclub.

  3. Ahhh, I needed this today.

    Here I sit on the fence of "embrace this aging body and eat what you want!" and "get moving and live healthy!"

    How I wish you lived by me and we could blossom together -- our "44" bodies which hold our 24 year old minds :)

    You bless :)

  4. as if i haven't cried ENOUGH his week! :D
    i am SOOOOOO happy... SOOOOOOO proud for you!

    "you go girl"... you ARE going... DOING... making beautiful tracks!

    sooooo great!

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  6. You go girl. Your tri-ing spirit is contagious.