Friday, April 10, 2009

fuNnY fAcEs :)

I've linked on with Amber at RunaMuck, and am posting my favorite (and permissible!) funny faces photos! 
These are my 3 favorite funny face babies, posing for holiday shots, (and yes, I chose this one for our holiday greetings!! )

This is my favorite funny face puppy-isn't she beaUtiful?

And this is my favorite funny face shot. Don'tcha love it? Last day of school pool-side celebration. The cucumbers were from the veggies and dip.  :)

hApPy fRiDaY!

Just in time to do something loving and special for Easter, a little thing for us, a huge thing for a child. Check this out:


  1. Your pictures are always so good. I just want to give that puppy some kisses.

    Thanks, Patty!

  2. Love the picture of the dog. He looks like he wants to give someone a big smooch.