Friday, April 17, 2009


"Ummm... Miss Patty?"
"Yes, sweetie?"
"Is there supposed to be a snake loose in the house?"
"No... why would you ask that?"
"Ummm... because there is?"

So we tramp up the stairs to meet Mr. Snake at the top, all coiled up and hissin'... I was sssstill very much in control. After all, this is Mr. Friendly ssssnake, the one Austin has caught twice now and we've fostered for a few days, and who apparently, got hisssself loose. But then, Sweet Playful Dog finds her way upstairs, all jumping and happy and seemingly assssking, "What's going on? What's going on? Can I play? Can I play?" The ssssnake freaks out and takes off all sliding and gross YUCK, and slithering DOWN my stairs! It moved ssssoooo quickly. J-man, laughing hisssssssterically, is saying, "I've got it, mom!" when clearly, he. did. not. Eventually, he did catch it by it'ssss tail, and let the little thing wrap itssssself around his arm. Ssssssilly boy, putting it up to my face and ssssaying,

 "Moooom, " (ya know, like he'ssss all annoyed at moi), "it's just the ssssnake that's been missssing for four days." 

"FOUR DAYSsss?! 
In MY HOUSsssE?!" 

"We didn't want to tell you because we thought you might freak out."

Oh, really.... what makesssss you think THAT?


  1. Holy cow!!! I would look in my sheets before I got into bed from now on if I were you. Yikes.

  2. Patty that is scary...was it previously a yard snake then adopted into your house? I think it wants to be outside again. Isn't there a saying....for every snake you see, there's ? that you don't....

  3. ... Lordy, leigh ann, let's HOPE not!! :P

  4. Oh.My.Word. I very surely will have ssslithering nightmares this very night. I am NOT a fan of snakes. Not at all. Not even little 'friendly' ones. I guess boys will be boys!

  5. Patty, that's terrible. I'm not so sure I could have handled that. Yikes! Shanda

  6. in YOUR house.... chills!
    those BIG... monster chills!

    hope that fellow is far away!