Thursday, April 30, 2009

This I Know: Limitless

Okay, so, this might age me... but I remember my mother making me sit down and watch the news when I was a very young girl (like, very young-a baby, even!).  A man had just stepped foot on the moon. A man on the moon!  How impossible... and so science-fiction-ish to my parents. 

So started my fascination with our space program. If you think about it, 40 years later, it still inspires awe... what else can we say does that? We took an idea, and without limitations, asked a group of people to make something happen. These men and women problem-solved every aspect, they jumped every hurdle, climbed every mountain, bridged every gap and found. a. solution. That alone is inspiring.

Today, it seems, we think inside boxes. And far too often, we teach our children in this manner. In business and in science, there are limitations always.... maybe it's money, maybe politics... maybe something else. The solutions to problems are difficult to find... How long have we been trying to find a cure for cancer? Diabetes? Spinal Cord injuries? Hunger? The solutions to these problems are there... we just have to think outside the box.  Think of the possibilities, rather than the impossibilities. If we can find a way to push human life off the earth, set it on a specific path, and bring it home alive, what can't we do? 

And I think, how incredible it would be if I could teach my children this thing: think without limits... live without limits... love without limits... dream without limits... What could they do? What problems would they solve? What diseases could they cure? What mountains could they conquer? What dreams would they accomplish? How happy could they be?

This I know: to truly live to the fullest, we must abandon the idea of limits. 


  1. I love this Patty! It's so true! And I know you were just born when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. ;) Love ya girl!

  2. very true! i love that last line