Sunday, March 22, 2009

Family Wrestling

You've already seen that we play ball in the house, but have I told you that we also hold family wrestling matches? 
Three boys and a man in that photo...

The only smart one in the bunch is my guy in brown... he keeps a safe distance because daddy shows no mercy.

The two he's holding here? 6 foot tall teenagers... no problem for daddy-o.

She's not afraid... she jumps into the mix, and lives whole-heartedly.

Finally, they get smart, and work together as a team... and he decides to give 'em a break...

A mass of humanity, rolling around my unfurnished living room...

"Dog-pile on daddy!!"

Who doesn't love a man who gets down on the floor and plays with his kids and their friends?

And he concedes ... for a moment ...

And then, she almost takes him with a rear-naked choke!

(Oh yeah, and if you look directly up from her head, you will see that there are REAL dust bunnies at my house!)

Hope you're having an exciting, playful day, too!


  1. Love this... it looks like a typical afternoon in my living room, only I only have two kiddos beatin' up on Daddy.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. What a blast!! They will all thank you for documenting this fun time with photos. I am enjoying your blog. Thanks for visiting mine, I want to come and hang out with you and Edie.

  3. This is exactly like my house--except there's no girl in the ring wrestling. I keep a safe distance. I think it is so neat how dads wrestle with their kids and moms give them ice for their injuries. :) Love the pics and I like your "unfurnished" living room. The boys wrestle in our game/workout room. Love the rooms with not a lot of furniture!