Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Don't Play Ball in the House!"

Is this a rule at your house?
'Cause it's not at mine!

In fact, when this one was 18 months old, his dad screwed a cup hook into the woodwork of our beautiful 1905 pocket doors to hang a whiffle ball so that he could work on eye-hand coordination. (But I never told you that!)

Yup, that's him. You kinda have to hide behind stuff when J-man is up to bat. I think it was all that time he had figuring out eye-hand coordination.

Even Dancer-girl has a mean swing, don'tcha think?

And here's Austin, our soccerman, who was at one time the best catcher in the league. Still in perfect baseball form.

This must have been when I was up to bat, and yes, I have photos of it, and no, you will never see them.

Even the dogs get in on the action.

Yes, we play ball in the house. All kinds of ball, all the time, whenever we want, and no one ever gets in trouble.

And the only thing that ever got broken was a chandelier. Actually, two chandeliers. With a golf club. By the big guy. 

(And I never told you that, either.)

What rules are regularly broken at your house?


  1. Everyone slides down the banister here! It makes most people nervous, but not me. I'm the *cool* grandmother who encourages such behavior. They can't touch the walls though--hate fingerprints. :)

  2. Looks like a lot of fun!! I let my girls "roughhouse" (their way) in every room in our house except the dining room. My house is pretty bare...not a lot of clutter or knick-knacks so "soft" objects are often addition to lots of indoor running!!

  3. that still makes me smile.lult

  4. oh hey guys, look at that!!! this "anonymous" is my sweet husband! he's reading my blog! i can tell by the "lult" - his text shorthand for "love you long time". woo-hoo...just struck it rich! again! ;)