Friday, March 20, 2009

The Colors of Spring

Today, finally, is the first day of spring. Though I love my winter sunsets, dramatic against the stark silhouetted tree branches, and gray with the season, I'm looking forward to color, and newness, and beginnings, and all the things that spring births...


...mornings wet with dew...

...vibrancy, energy...


After coming to terms with disappointment and anger, and after a chaotic day yesterday, I took a walk by the lake alone last night. It was quiet (except for the flock of birds I accidentally scared away-who, in turn, sared me), and it was beautiful, and 0h-so-peaceful. It was so orange-y red, my pictures don't do it justice. It made the gray trees it shined on red. This photo is untouched.

The only sound was the water rhythmically washing onto the crushed stones. It seemed to slow my breathing again, rocking me back into a state of calmness and peace. I can't help but think -hope?- that with the end of winter, 

the dawning of spring will bring new peace.


  1. Just beautiful Patty! I love your vision for photographs!

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes Patty! Visit anytime. ;)

    Are these photos you took??! Amazing! I'll have to come back later and read up on where you are.

  3. Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing!