Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I  know that it is a humble aspiration, to have 1000 hits, knowing that this open for all the world to see.... but it just pleased me so to see that number roll around, I had to celebrate. I know it's not like I hit that 100 or 200 posts mile-marker (yet), but still, a milestone for me! I decided to celebrate by sharing with you a list of things that I've probably done 1000 times (I say probably, because without a counter, who the heck knows?!).

 1000 times:
1. Hugged my kids (in the last 4 months).
2. Told my husband that I love him (in the last 4 months).
3. The number of photographs I've taken in the last 6 months (no lie, this I know because iPhoto tells me so)
4. Said, "so funny," just like that, "so funny," (today).
5. Wished I had more time.
6. Washed someone else's dirty underwear.
7. Taught a fitness class (didn't know that about me yet, didcha?)
8. Told my kids to "CLEAN UP THIS HOUSE"!
9. Lost time worrying.
10. Visited a TJMaxx, somewhere in this world.
11. The number of dbl-stuffed oreos I've eaten.
12. The number of emails I've sent.
13. The number of crickets I've bought over the last 8 years for my son to feed to a reptile.
14. Made a special trip back to school with something someone forgot (well, it at least seems like 1000 times!)
15. Thought about organizing something, but then, didn't.
16. The number of stitches I've knit; beads I've strung; paper I've stuck; flowers I've arranged; creative impulses I've fed.
17. The number of tears I've shed, because, well, because I cry. A lot. A real lot.
18. The number of cookies I've baked.
19. Was at a loss for words.
20. Said a prayer of thanks.

And, tomorrow? A first... Tomorrow, I am so excited to be guest-posting at Seth's Mother Letter Project. Go visit now, and see what Mother Letter is all about. It's a beautiful thing. Then, go back tomorrow to see me there! :)

Thanks for stopping by, and making my counter spin!

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