Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vacation Interrupted

Tag! You're it!

There I was, over-stuffed from this lovely Thai dinner-the kind you only have while on vacation? Where you eat every last drop of it - yours, his and theirs because, well, you're on vacation? And I unwittingly opened browneyedfox's blog... and was tagged. And now, I'm doing it to you.

At first, I wasn't even worried, because we had just gotten back from dinner. I still had on we're-on-vacation-and-going-out-to-dinner make-up, and a black-turtleneck, which is absolutely the best thing any woman could ever wear. But then I remembered that I had already peeled my sausage-stuffed jeans off & was wearing my flannel pj's, and it wouldn't be right to not include those in the photo. I also remembered when I got to the bathroom mirror, that my eyes and lips (and now, belly) were still swollen, even though I'd been up for more than 14 hours.  And the lighting in this hotel bathroom? Let's just say, NOT flattering.
Now the rules are, no changing the photo. But the yellow of the bathroom is SOOO yellow... I had to switch to B&W. I hope that's only bending the rule and not breaking it, because I'm
 a goody-two-shoes, and the guilt of breaking the rules would be too much to bear. Especially on vacation.

So here are the rest of the rules:
1. Sit down (oops! I bent that one, too!)
2. Take a photo of yourself -and here's the hard part-no primping.
3. Upload it.
4. Tag 3 others (or anyone reading your blog)

Just Do It!

Now, because I'm the deep-minded type, I have to add some not-so-random thoughts.
These are my beliefs, even though Forty-Four has been the most difficult age to swallow. And, even though I don't consider myself vain, I have certainly behaved in a very vain way these last few month. My husband calls it MLC (mid-life-crisis), no matter how much I put up a fight about it. I think I'll list them, because you're probably getting tired of reading my long blog:

1. I am so lucky to be a woman.
2. And even luckier to be a mother.
3. Neither of these roles requires me to be beautiful.
4. Both of these roles have made me beautiful.
5. Life is too short to deny yourself chocolate. Or ice cream.
6. Everything in moderation; nothing in excess.
7. Our bodies do not define who we are.
8. Good health and fitness allow us to enjoy our lives more and longer.
9. High heels make you feel sexy, and that's probably why men think high heels are sexy.
10. If you smile at someone, anyone, I betcha they'll smile back-and it will make both your days.

Now, go on. Take your picture, and share!


  1. I don't think I will this time...maybe another time...I think it would be funny to roll out of bed and head straight to a mirror and take that picture...eye crusty's and all...maybe I'll do that for next week's Wordless Wednesday. Have a safe trip home Patty!

  2. Hey! I should add to this that you look great!! I'm younger than you and I wish I had your body!! It's hard to feel great in body pump when you're up there lifting twice as much as me and doing it with great form...don't be hard on yourself...you are in great shape and healthy and I'll shut up now!

  3. okay... first... your random thoughts... lOvE them... every single one of them! so good!

    second... you look GREAT!

    third... Thai food sounds really good! :)

    fourth... nothing better than throwing on flannel jammies & relaxing!

    BIG xo... SO fun you did it too!