Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 4: Let It Snow

I love this picture of my husband and our son. It looks like they are sitting there in the snow, just talking about life, which maybe they were. I also know they were waiting for me.

And this is our friend who is 6. He rides like the wind on skis!! I had to smile so big when I noticed he was skiing with his tongue out, hoping to catch those snowflakes and swallow them whole!

Here's Austin again, looking like some futuristic power-fighter-soldier guy. He's a boarder.

Lexi and I are skiers. We don't think it's a boy v. girl thing, this preference for boarding or for skiing. It just works out that way in my family.

I have no photos of J-man on this day. Actually, it saddened me quite a bit this vacation. He said "hello" and "good-bye" quite a bit, and because he's such an affectionate kid, he threw in a few "love ya, mom!"-s for me. He preferred spending time with his friends, boarding at the terrain parks and hanging out at the hot tub. 
He's growing up.

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  1. Patty,

    Had to come by and say thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Thanks! I used to get an email to let me know when someone comments so that I could respond right away. But I went fidgeting with the blog and somehow can't figure out how to get it back. Now I have to go back and read comments to all the posts every now and then.

    Looks like soooo much fun! We tried to get to the snow this year but it didn't work out. My girls we're really wanting to see it. Love your girls' bright pink jacket out there.