Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 6: Can You Say "Windy"?!

Such a beautiful...

... crisp, blue day...

But it was oh-so-wIndY!
How do you photograph the Wind?

This is my daughter and her new-found friend, skiing in the 1/2-pipe. It's hard to see published here, but if you look carefully at the top of that peak, you can see the snow blowing to the left, blowing up, and up, and up....

This was taken from the lift (and I'm here to tell you, riding a chairlift on a windy day can be quite harrowing!). The Wind just lifted the snow up, as if it were falling from the ground.

The wind, She made my photographs dramatic, because She helped our muscles push the snow up, as if we were cutting hard....

... and flying fast.

That silver helmet, it really makes him look like he's from some time in the future. And this blanket of snow that crawled up the mountain adds to the drama. If you believe in ghosts, don't you think they might look like this? Or move like this? (Thanks, Hollywood.) And I just wish you could have heard that wind howl. 

My daily apres-ski drink:  2% ICED almond latte. Can't help it. I'm a southerner.

Public transportation was fun (and beautiful, don't you think?). All of the buses had different paintings on them, and they were gorgeous, in their own, bus-like ways. We took one on  most nights down into town to roam the streets, find some good eatin', and of course, visit the chocolate shop.

This is Slogar's.... a family-style fried chicken place that everyone loved. Leave it to a bunch of southerners to find a good chicken place in a small ski-town in Colorado.

Tomorrow... our last day at Crested Butte.

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  1. Great pictures Patty!! Have a great rest of the weekend!!