Monday, March 30, 2009


Ok. So, you know how in this very beautiful, but very different blogworld we find ourselves lost along a path toward home? And we discover new places and new people whom we would never know if we saw them, but somehow, in such a short time, we love them? And they give to us, and speak to us, and make us laugh out loud and make us cry, and even though we don't know them, we SO know them?

I still consider myself a new blogger. My beautiful friend Edie, she told me about this different place. I love her blog. So I figured, I would love the bloggers she loves. She led me to Carissa. And from her site, on it went... and somehow I ended up at Her Bad Mother and today, she linked me back to Chookooloonts, where I know I've been before. That's where I found Amy. Oh, my. Are you in for a feel-good kinda cry...
I've been touched, my wet eyes evidence. (Really, how does someone I don't even know make me cry?)

This is so beautiful. You have to go.

(Thanks, Edie, for the tutorial!!)

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