Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Alive, Everglades Part II

I know you think the Everglades is a swamp.
A great, big, stagnant swamp.
But it's not.
It's alive. Really alive.

You just have to look closely.
Be open to the possibility.
Be observant.

It's full of critters.
Some are stinky.


Some are rare and scary and sweet.

(American Crocodile, and momma Manatee with babe.
Can you see them?)

Some are beautiful, but not so graceful.

(rosiate duckbill)

Some are abundant.
And even though you take hundreds of pictures of them,
you can't stop.
You just take more.

(blue heron in white morph)

The folliage is both vibrant


and colorless.


But it is alive, none-the-less.

There are reptiles.
Lots of reptiles.
Lots of scary reptiles.


And some pretty beautiful ones, as well.

(green iguana, during mating season)

It's the only ecosystem of it's kind in the world.
You must see it.
Really see it.

(green iguana)

It's full of life.


  1. Wow!! Great pictures Patty!! We miss you!

  2. VeRy neat... NOT the icky iguana lizard thingys (but that's just wacky terrified of those things me)... :D but my goodness those birds... and i am a sucker for bark... trees of any kind!

    beAutiFul shots... FULL of life & vibrant color! great captures