Sunday, February 15, 2009

About This Man

He's fiercely protective.
And smart.
He's extremely funny, and makes me laugh even when I'm steaming mad.
He's a great father.
He's dependable and responsible.
He's compassionate.
He's sees in black and white, even though things are never that clear to me.
He believes in right.
He loves me.
He's not a couch potato, even though sometimes I really wish he was a couch potato.
He's strong. And fit.
And he's oh-so-much fun.
He taught my children to fold the laundry for their mother.
And how to be team players.
He plays ball with them
and laughs with them
and heely's with them
(with his very own heelys).
He shoots airsoft guns with the hims
and dances with her.
He's taught them the difference between working
and working hard
playing and playing fair
being thoughtless and being thoughtful.
He cares about the world.
He roots for the underdog,
but studies the favored.
He's curious.
And hard working.
He's a thinker.
And a well-measured risk-taker.
He's a leader 
and a motivator.

He comforts us
and takes care of us
and loves us.

He supports me and believes in me.
He'd move mountains for me.
And told me so.

(And he's mine.)

(photo by Gregg Perry)


  1. what a sweet post!

    you just described a great team... what a pair you two must make... and super good looking to boot! :)

  2. Blessings abound Ms. Patty! I love your beautiful use of words!