Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

I don't know, I guess I had a little spring fever... I thought it was a little later in the season and I had thoughts of spring's first flowers.

But that's not what morning brought...

She had blanketed my beautiful magnolias in white.

See that tear on her eye?
Her friend hit her with a snowball,
but when I pulled out my camera to take her picture,
she smiled.

Who has time for crying
when you are young
and there's jumpin' to be done?

And there's no jumpin' like
jumpin' on a snow-covered trampoline.

Have a warm, happy day!


  1. snow??? wow! never, EVAH get it here!! we're in san antonio so it was in the 30's this morning, but it'll be 70 this afternoon and high 80's by the end of the week...actually, my kiddos had their swimsuits on yesterday & were playing in the backyard water hose while we worked in the yard...CRAZYYYYY!!! but they had fun! we're ready for spring & warm temps...

    build a snowball/snowman for me:)
    happy monday!
    love, love having new blog friends!!

  2. awe... yall did get snow... how neat!

    how precious is she... smiling for your pic... it HURTS getting hit in the face with a snowball!

  3. So, I see a couple of friends found you (Dancing Queen and Brown-Eyed Fox)...thanks for stopping by my blogworld. I'll be sure to catch up on you and yours soon...

    Nice to meetcha!! :-)

  4. Hey Patty! Great pictures! We still have snow on our deck 'cause it's in the shade, but I'm ready for spring!