Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Dance

A bird soars overhead, alone. 
Like a graceful ballerina, she glides, dips, swirls.

Another bird arrives. 
They fly alone, separate, but together.
Soon their flights connect. 

Their paths cross and weave and rotate around one another.
And her flight becomes more beautiful than ever before. 

She drops in the sky to come closer to Earth, to see what She offers. 

And she climbs up in the sky to come closer to Sun, to feel His warmth. 

Her flight becomes so much more than it was before.
She glides more freely, and dips deeper, and her swirls become greater. 

As she dances this dance, she doesn't realize that she's alone again. And her flight is still beautiful. The other bird's presence filled her with something that gave her freedom and peace and joy.

The bird dips joyfully to Earth again. 
She notices her solitary shadow. 

Slowly, she raises up into the sky where she feels safe. 

Her swirls become tighter, smaller. 
She glides and flutters, glides and flutters again,
...and then flies away.


  1. Patty,
    Thanks for the comments/compliments! I would love to have time to just write our daily life into words. I have such fun with my boys! Your photography is beautiful and your words are truly inspirational. You are such a poet! I never knew that about you! I enjoy reading about your family! Keep blogging!

  2. Hey Patty, Love your blogsite too! I am up and running with mine as of today! Hope to see you on Sat. at the GALA!

  3. just so that no one's worried i'm being stalked, that last comment was me trying to post on my blog under different profiles to see why my friends are having difficulties!