Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ya know, he's just 14. Actually, he just turned 14. He's amazing. He's so secure in his "manliness" (this is very important when you are 14!) that he's not afraid to kiss his mom in front of the baseball team. Or yell "I love you, Mom!" from across the parking lot. He plays the piano, and he plays baseball. He listens to Beethoven, and he listens to George Thorogood. He's kind and thoughtful and smart and hard-working. In fact, he'd work his butt off for you if you asked it of him, or if he thought it would help him be better.  He's our J-man.
I lie upon a tree
And dream about the day
I think about nature
In a beautiful way
I lie within the field
And dream about the night
I think about the stars
Alone with fright
I lie within my bed
And dream about my house
I think about my family
The ones who are mine
                                    jordan, 14



  1. I can't believe how much he's grown since we've known you. What a blessing!

  2. i know... he was just 5 when we moved here... my little man.