Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why The Moon?

So, I had all these thoughts about what my first "blog" would be; that in and of itself was fun... I thought up all these catchy one-liners, (because everyone knows the first line should be catchy!). The first subject-idea, and of course one that I will return to, was to tell all about my "Muse" friends... the lovely ladies I scrapbooked with all last weekend. But I've had a kind-of blue afternoon, and I'm feeling a little deeper, a little more quiet than that.

This recent obsession with the moon... It started with one of my favorite quotes, taken from a book whose title I've long forgotten, that includes the phrase, "see the moon".  I took that to mean that I should be present enough and observant enough to actually notice something that's there all the time, whether we are seeing it or not.  I'm so caught up in the management of life, mine and my sweet family's, it would be easy for me to miss a beautiful moon. Or sunset. Or sunrise. Or how about when there's a sparkling, glistening frost that coats and quiets everything.... diamonds dancing on the ground, there for my enjoyment, if I am present enough to notice. So, my advise -both to and from me- see the moon.

Then came that song, "... let me shine in my own light...". I hear the words and think, "Really?  I have my own light?" Cause, like I already mentioned, I'm busy running, and not glowing.  And the moon... it doesn't have it's own light; it reflects another. So, when I see the moon, as beautiful as it is, I remember to shine in my own light, and not just reflect that around me.

Ironically enough, in all this pensiveness about the moon and light, my sweet friend started talking about being the light for others. Really! Using those words! I was thinking of shining my own light for me, and this loving creature was talking about shining for others, to be the joy and inspiration in someone else's life.... which really is different than just reflecting another's light, and shining "in" your own light.

Lastly, there's A Midsummer's Night Dream, from which I've lifted "Blessed Moon". Okay, who can't be inspired by Shakespeare?  He has a "rhythm of his verse {that} reflects the rhythms of the body-the heartbeat, the pulse, the breathing in and out..." A fantastical story I imagine with fairies and fireflies and love.  (I try to forget the jealousy and poison part!) The moon, the blessed moon, has become my reminder to slow down, be wistful,  breathe, see, shine, inspire.  Blessed Moon.


  1. I am grateful to be the first to welcome you to this place of creativity and inspiration. It has filled a little place in my heart that needs to be heard. I love your post and can't wait to see where you take this.

    Your friend in real life (IRL as we say in blogland)

  2. thanks, dear IRL friend! and thanks for always being such an inspiration. now, if only i could figure out how to put my pictures here!! (:O

  3. Hi Patty!! What a great blog start!! Maybe you should go to the blogging conference with Edie and I....
    Another friend IRL,
    Leigh Ann

  4. hi patty,

    beautiful entry. thanks for sharing. i love your message about being more present in teh moment. i just put the kids to bed and although i do love the silence, it has a juxtapositional sadness about it as well. i was with the babies all day, but many times, i wasn't really there - emptying the dishwasher while they ate lunch, folding laundry while they played around me. and before i know it, they'll be all grown up - eating lunch at school and playing with friends instead of their mom. but that laundry will still be there, won't it? xoxox

  5. yes, honey... that laundry... it NEVER goes away. and you think that baby stuff is bad?! think about how many baby things will fit in one load of imagine how many man's size medium baseball pants and underarmour and soccer socks it takes to fill the machine? one afternoon's worth! yes, leave the laundry and build block castles and train villages with those little ones! love you