Friday, January 30, 2009

About Blogging

Whew. It's been kinda hard to come back after that last blog, even though I received so many kind and supportive emails and comments. So it got me thinking, "Why am I doing this?" And I looked around a bit, and I've come to the conclusion that it's all about connecting.  And maybe a little about being heard.  And definitely about creating. Some of us do it to share ideas, some to ask questions.  I like it all, but I think one of the biggest reasons I'm enjoying it is because it allows me to think things through, fully... it's part of an organized writing process. As I write, I organize my thoughts and make decisions.  "Yes, that's how I feel."  Same as keeping a journal, right? Why such a public forum then? So..., maybe I'm from the need-to-be-heard group, too. That, I don't truly understand yet. Maybe it's because IRL, it takes at LEAST 100 times to be heard by those tiny, little ears. Here, I only have to say things once! :)

How 'bout you? Why do you blog?


  1. First of all, let me say thank you...for the larger font. I feel younger already. And the 7 quick takes is done at conversion You should do it. It's perfect for all those things that might otherwise never make it into a blog. The leftovers of the week, if you will. And it's a link party..... so neat people will come visit your blog....and you theirs.

    Now, why do I blog? All the reasons you said, to connect, create, write, be heard, journal and really I hope that someday my children will look back on it (I plan to have it made into a book every year) and know their mother a little better. What I read, where I went, what I thought, how I loved them so, and how my faith has shaped my life. Pouring ourselves into them is the only true legacy we leave.

  2. Because of all the same reasons you and Edie listed. I'd only add that blogging is cheap, neat, and easy to do--unlike scrapbooking. And there is something about knowing somebody is actually (probably)(maybe) listening/reading and looking forward (hopefully) to your next post forces (encourages) you to actually do it. It's the thing I've remained faithful to the longest without its enjoyment dwindling. I actually blogged about my love/hate relationship with blogging this week. I even mentioned you!