Saturday, January 31, 2009

26 Random Things

      (my niece, my daughter, my favorite #) 

 1. i love my family
 2. i'm confused about religion
 3. i'm not confused about God
 4. i love photography, but am not sure why
 5. i love color
 6. i love black & white
 7. i'm concerned about world issues
 8. i hate politics
 9. my children are not allowed to use the word "hate"
10. i love babies and animals
11. i know my heart
12. i'm not always brave
13. i am strong
14. my favorite number is 21
15. manners are important
16. so is wearing a seatbelt
17. so is making eye-contact
18. i love music, most any kind, and love to ponder lyrics (maybe it's poetry i like?)
19. i feel like i'm always chasing pavement
20. i love hooty and kid rock
21. christmas is my favorite time of year, but christmas has not felt like christmas to me for the last 3 years... hmmm...
22. i'm a superhero who fights laundry 24/7
23. my favorite snack is honeycrisp apples and peanut butter
24. i have a love/hate relationship with oreos, especially dbl-stuffed
25. i'm addicted to coffee
26. touch is important 

1 comment:

  1. I love much much info. I too am a superhero fighting laundry. My weapons are Gain and Downy pink opal rose. Sometimes I have to call in Mr. Chlorox too.

    I think you're a natural at this blogging thing. You'll have ideas coming faster than you can execute them!