Monday, January 26, 2009

New Year's Resolution # 21

Just a quick break... I'm addressing New Year's Resolution # 21: clean OUT house. I really  dread this, but have found humor in it that I needed to share:

Found in 9-yr old daughter's underwear drawer:
 2 pj tops
 1 pj bottom that doesn't match either top
3 pair underwear, clean  :)
1 zip-lock bag with jelly beans in it (?? please try to not remember how long ago Easter was!  and don't judge me!!)
1 set stuffed reindeer antlers w tie string (now we're in the right season)
3 hairbands
a yo-yo
1 die (ya know, one of the set of dice?)
an empty Shrek Pez dispenser
2 neon-colored post-it pads
multiple loose pens, pencils & crayons
1 full pencil case
a polly pocket blanket
another zip-lock bag, this one with beads & cords for necklace-making
2 paperclips
1 safety pin
a light blue satin button that belongs to God-knows what
1 set of headphones
a stylus to her brother's DS

Bear in mind that this drawer measures about 12" x 18" x 4". Can you imagine what the rest of her room looks like?!  (:O


  1. Are you sure you haven't been snoopin' in my underwear drawer?

  2. oh edie! lol. i had some great photos for this blog, but couldn't get them from photobucket... it said they uploaded... i'm thinking they landed on someone else's blog who is right now wondering where the heck the crayon pictures came from!?!
    i dread the computer learning curve....