Monday, May 4, 2009

My Mad Monday

Ya know, it actually didn't start out so bad. It was raining again, but I've been having fun lately taking pictures in the rain.They are so much more dramatic... I didn't mind that. Enjoyed it, actually. I stopped along the way and took these...

And yes, I really live here.
In the country.

It wasn't really until I picked up the kids... but, then, isn't that always when it starts to happen??

She was late, which knocked the bottom card out of our house-of-cards-schedule... So I was a bit late getting J-man to his batting cages. But we got there, and I went on to my errands... I had 15 minutes before I needed to pick him up, and decided that that wasn't enough time to go to the collision center (another story) for their estimate, but I could probably get to the post office. So off I went.

I pulled out the late birthdays presents and closed my hatch, and started towards the post office, when I heard it. CRUNCH. My heart sank, 'cause I just knew what it was. Yup. 'Bless her heart' as they say here, but she had backed right into my front end. Can I just tell you, this is the third (THIRD) time I've been hit in the last two (TWO) months?!  Being the expert that I now am, I had the necessary info within minutes, and was on my way to pick-up my son.  When we got to the collision center, the guy there asked me my name, and I said, "YOU can call me 'Lucky'!"

So, with 3 of my 4 sides scratched, smashed, crunched and now fixed or about to be fixed... I breathe a sigh of relief, and headed home. I knew something was funny when I pulled into the driveway and saw my husband's pick-up NOT in the garage and my other two little ones sitting on the edged of the bed... feet up... looking down in....

Oh.yes.he.did. Austin, AKA the Crocodile Hunter in these here parts, has taught us all the value of life. All life. Even reptilian life. Dad rescued this critter from the sure fate of death by rubber, and brought him home "for the kids"!

Now, because of this experience... I insisted "NO.SNAKES.IN.THE.HOUSE."

... And went inside for one of these... even though I knew I was already cooking with Port tonight.

After dinner, I decided to finish the laundry I'd started earlier in the day... Ya know, the laundry all over the living room? And instead of finding folded and non-folded clothes on my couch....

... looky what I found... all coiled up and hissin'....

Oh joyous Monday.


  1. aww I love those pictures they are pretty, wow sounds like you've had a hectic day; i would probably drink one of those too if i were you haha :) hope your day gets better

  2. omg!!
    your post sounds just like the one i did today...yep, i'm baaaack!!

    i've missed ya! man, do i love those mike's hard lemonades...they are SURE to cure what ails ya:)

    sorry to hear about all the hassles & your car, but glad YOU are safe!

    keep those critters away from me!!! eeeeek!

  3. Now, I draw the line at snakes! My boys can pick up anything they want to, but I better not find a snake on my couch instead of laundry! I think that would be enough to make me "lose my religion"--and NO ONE wants to see that. :) hee hee!

    I hate that you've had these accidents, because that is plenty to set you off. Much less having to add to the mess of the time it takes to do all that and the hassle! I think the Mike's was earned! :)

    Love ya girl! Hope today is much better!