Monday, May 18, 2009


First, it's important to differentiate 'confessions' from 'random stuff'. Confessions are things that maybe not a lot of people know... maybe even just one or two know, or maybe no one at all knows. That sometimes makes confessions hard to disclose. Whereas, random stuff is just that. And that's easy.

1. I don't always sleep well at night.
2. I think that's because of all the coffee I drink all day.
3. But sometimes I think it's more.
4. I still love double-stuffed oreos. And consume them shamelessly.
5. I find it hard to like disrespectful children, even when it's not me they're being disrespectful to.
6. (Not only do I daydream, but I like it.)
7. I find that embarrassing.
8. Like my son, I can always tell when I'm lieing.
9. I laugh easily.
10. In fact, I'm prone to uncontrollable fits of hysteria. The contagious type.
11. In the middle of the night.
12. I find that fun, not embarrassing.
13. And really? I don't lie. Because everyone could tell. And because it's just not nice.
14. I can understand both sides of an argument. We've called this being "gray". Some might see me as wishy-washy, but because I'm actually strong, that doesn't bother me because giving credence to both sides of an argument is just being fair.
15. I forgive too easily. "Too"  easily because I think it sets me up for being taken advantage of. But I do it anyway because in any successful relationship, forgiveness is necessary. It also requires too much energy to hang on to grudges.
16. I forgive, but I don't forget much. (Is that the same as holding a grudge?) I might never ever bring it back up, so you might think I've forgotten, but I haven't. I don't bring it back up, and I won't hold it against you because I've truly forgiven. (So, no, then. I don't hold grudges. I just remember well.)
17. I love the book The Little Prince, and the movie Finding Nemo, both because they are really stories with meanings meant for adults hidden under the guise of being fairytales. 
18. I am almost compulsive (ok, ok... I AM compulsive) about how to load the dishwasher and how to fold clothes. This is a huge cog in my wheel of house-keeping because these things just HAVE to be done a certain way. Which means, others can't do it. Sorry.
19. I put on my favorite perfume before I go to bed.
20. Almost every night.


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  1. Girl! you have such an eye for photography!!! You need to be published!!!! You are a women of many talents